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Title: A Study of the Advanced Technology in Second Language Acquisition Among Adult Learners at Khazar University
Authors: Nasibzade, Firuza
Keywords: advanced technology
adult learners
learning environment
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: The thesis deals with the issue of the study of advanced technology in second language acquisition among adult learners at Khazar University. The implication of advanced technology in second language acquisition has a great impact on the effectiveness of mastering a foreign language. Available virtual technologies in smart teaching environment and from school media facilities or computer laboratories alternate the connection that the instructors and learners have to genuine language and cultural materials. Entrance to the huge variety of readily approachable genuine civilized and linguistic materials on the network or in other digital platforms let instructors virtually recreate the view, sounds and tasks of the target language and the culture of this aimed language in the teaching environment. The research methodology includes the methods of survey and questionnaire in the study of advanced technology among adult learners (students), as well as description, comparison; experimental material was obtained by the method of continuous sampling of the sources from Internet using a cognitive approach.
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