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Title: Application of Metasploit in Web Penetration Testing
Authors: Mammadov, Elvin
Keywords: penetration testing
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: The modern computer world is a diverse and very complex set of computing devices, information processing systems, telecommunication technologies, software and highly efficient means of designing it. All this multifaceted and interconnected metasystem solves a huge range of problems in various areas of human activity, from the simple solution of school tasks on a home personal computer to the management of complex technological processes.The more complex the task of automation and the more important the area in which computer information technologies are used, the more critical are the properties such as the reliability and security of information resources involved in the collection, accumulation, processing, transmission, and storage of computer data. Harmful effects on information during the operation of computer systems (COP) for various purposes are carried out with a view to violating its confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility. The solution of problems related to the prevention of the impact directly on information is carried out within the framework of the complex problem of ensuring information security and has a sufficiently developed scientific and methodological base. At the same time, considering information as an actively exploitable resource, it can be said that the process of ensuring information security includes ensuring the security of the software of the COP. This aspect of ensuring the security of information and its means of processing is called operational safety since it corresponds to the stage of application of the COP. At the same time, new security problems related to information technologies appeared recently, which, according to a number of foreign and domestic experts in the field of their creation and application, largely determine the effectiveness of the computer systems being created.
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