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Title: Automated indoor climate control system
Authors: Ahmadova, Aynur
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: Every year in greenhouse enterprises, more and more attention is paid to the quality maintenance of the microclimate. Correctly chosen technology of microclimate maintenance is one of the most important components that allow increasing yield. And effective use of energy resources is an additional opportunity to significantly reduce the cost of production. The modern automated microclimate control system should support not only the preset mode, but also maximize the use of the capabilities of the executive systems. At the present time, active modernization of greenhouses is being carried out, connected with the increase in the number of executive systems: separation of contours, modernization of ventilation, installation of shading systems, installation of fans. And the more executive systems the greenhouse has, the more important it is for it to choose the criterion that determines the strategy for maintaining the microclimate. For example, one of the most popular management criteria is the saving of heat resources. In this case, it is more appropriate to actively use the lower heating circuits, because They give away heat to the external environment least of all. Another approach to the selection of the criterion involves maintaining the temperature at the growth point higher than at the roots of the plant and thus implies the active use of upper heating circuits. Another criterion of management is based on the fact that the lower contour should maintain a constant temperature in the root zone, the so-called optimum, and only with exhausted resources of other executive systems deviate from it. Experience in the implementation of automated control systems shows that at the design stage of the system it is difficult to select a single management criterion. Therefore, the control system should be able to promptly set the criterion during operation, and the methods of its assignment should visually reflect the agronomic, economic and technical requirements imposed on the system. Thus, the modern management system should allow us to specify not only one of the above control criteria or a combination thereof, but also any other arising in the production process, giving the agronomist technologist ample opportunities in choosing the method for maintaining the temperature and humidity regime in the greenhouse
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