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Title: Üzərliktəpə yaşayış yeri (Şəmkir rayonu)
Authors: Nəcəfov, Şamil
Keywords: Üzərliktəpə yaşayış yeri
son tunc-ilk dəmir dövrü
mədəni təbəqə
arxeoloji tədqiqat
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Khazar University Press
Citation: Azerbaijan archaeology
Series/Report no.: Vol. 20;№ 1
Abstract: Uzarliktepe settlement was discovered by the expedition team in October 2014, at 335 km of the SCPX pipeline route, during the archaeological research and exploration activities around the river Zayam. The site is located in the area of Bayramli village in Shamkir region, to the south from the village, about 1 km away from Zayam river, among the hills not too high. The site is about 3 hectares. The settlement is located at an altitude of 321 meters above the sea level. The centre of the hill where the site located is a great plain, and in some places there are elevations in the form of a high hill (about 1.5-2 m high). Presumably, these are places of constructions. The north-eastern foot of the hill was washed out as a result of rainwaters and artifacts were revealed. During the search and observations a large number of ceramic samples, spindle tips, metal samples and stone tools were found. Black glossy gray, light red and brown jug, pot, jug-shaped pottery fragments were obtained. Archaeological observations and found artifacts found allowed to utter initial scientific ideas about the period, structure and the area of the monument. As a result of the analysis of the ceramics and other artifacts the site was proven to be a place of residence having rich cultural layer belonging to the II-I millennium B.C.
ISSN: 2218-0346
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