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Title: The Leverage of Cultural Homogenization in Futurity of Translation Studies: HomoKult Model as the Right Switch
Authors: Shahnazari, Masoud
Akbari, Alireza
Keywords: Cultural Translation
Purposive and Diglossic Cultures
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Khazar University Press
Citation: Khazar Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences
Series/Report no.: Vol. 20;№ 1
Abstract: Cultural Translation (CT) in general and translation of cultures in particular has come into the new horizon in a few years. Both diversity and homogeneity of cultures circle around translators' cynosure. Notwithstanding the fact that cultural diversification acts as the primary role in cultural translation, much attention has been paid to homogeneity and future of cultural translation in translation studies. In this direction, one of the latest movements in cultural translation is rooted in source-target culture reconciliation known as HomoKult (capital K) model. The core principle of HomoKult lies in four types of cultures namely: (1) purposive culture, (2) ameliorated culture, (3) circulated culture, and (4) diglossic culture. The present study opens up the new insight in cultural translation on the basis of purposive and diglossic cultures of HomoKult model for reconditioning off the futurity of intercultural translation between source and target languages.
ISSN: 2223-2613
Appears in Collections:2017, Vol. 20, № 1

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