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Title: Full depositional cycles and Ca/Mg ratio in marine upper Baku regiostage succession in the Western flank of the South Caspian depression
Authors: Amirov, Elnur
Keywords: lithologically
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Geophysical Research Abstracts
Series/Report no.: Volume 12;
Abstract: The results of the field works on exposures of the Lower Pleistocene deposits located in the Western flank of the South Caspian depression (Shikhov outcrop) demonstrated the high-frequency cyclicity in sedimentation accompanied by rapid lateral and vertical depositional environmental change. It is possible to observe several full depositional sequences developed from low stand system tract to transgressive system tract and high stand system tract. Return to sedimentation under conditions of sea level low stand marks beginning of the next depositional cycle. The depositional setting during accumulation of this succession has changed within shore face-shelf environment.
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