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2016Depositional cycles and Fe/Mn ratio in Upper Absheron substage succession in the western flank of the South Khazarian/Caspian depression of the Azerbaijan RepublicAmirov, Elnur
2017Investigations of hydrodynamically active additions in pumps and vane hydraulic machinesAmirov, Elnur; Amirov, Fikrat
2016Application of Formation Testing While Drilling (GeoTap) for acquiring formation pressure data from the Azeri, Chirag and Guneshli wells which were drilled in the Khazarian-Caspian Sea of the Azerbaijan RepublicAmirov, Elnur
2011Composites with high photoquenching factor of electroconduction based on polymer-metalorganic compoundsKurbanov, Mirza; Suleymanov, Gulmammed; Safarov, Nuru
2016-12Petro physical Modeling of the Tertiary Reservoirs in the Small Giant Bai Hassan Oil Field, Northern IraqZeynalov, Gasham; Ismail, Muhammed A.; Al-Beyati, Fawzi
2016Application of MRIL-WD (Magnetic Resonance Imaging Logging While Drilling) for irreducible water saturation, total reservoir, free-fluid, bound-fluid porosity measurements and its value for the petrophysical analysis of RT/RM data from the Shah Deniz wells which were drilled in the Khazarian-Caspian Sea of the Azerbaijan RepublicAmirov, Elnur
2016Well control manualAmirov, Elnur
2010Эффект фотогашения электропроводности в композитах полимер - ферроценКурбанов, М.А.; Сулейманов, Г.З.; Сафаров, Н.А.
2011Способ повышения эффективности преобразования солнечной энергии в электрическую и устройство для его реализацииГашимов, Ариф; Сафаров, Нуру
2016Hydro-Geological Environmental Problems at Accidental Spills of Light Crude Oil Products, Transportation Through the WREP (Western Route Export Pipline) in AzerbaijanAmirov, Elnur; Amirov, Fikret; Амиров, Эльнур; Амиров, Фикрет