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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Depression and Hopelessness in Secondary and Higher Education StudentsŞar, Ali Haydar
2016The Determination of the Needs of the Families with a Mentally Handicapped Child According to Their MoodSanli, Esat; Barut, Yasar
2013Determinationof efficient regime of development in “NeftDashlari” and PalchigPilpilasi fieldsAhadov, Farhad
1998Deutschsprachige quellen zum schicksal der Deutschen in Aserbaidschan (in den 20 er und 30 er jahren)Auch, Eva-Maria
1998Deux Langues, Trois Pays, Pour Quelle Societe Plurielle?Fourniau, Vincent
2008-10-31Deve, Yoxsa Buraz?Balayev, Elirza
2010-07Developing Asia’s Recovery Gains Momentum-
2013Developing South Asia Lessons and Insights-
2008-06Developing the Local Supply Chain for the Contract of the Century-
2008The Developing World Is Poorer Than We Thought, But No Less Successful in the Fight against PovertyChen, Shaohua; Ravallion, Martin
2009The Developing World’s Bulging (but Vulnerable) “Middle Class”Ravallion, Martin
2012Development Effectiveness Brief Azerbaijan-
2013Development Effectiveness Review 2012 Report-
2013Development Evaluation in Times of Turbulence-
2010-03-29T11:29:26ZDevelopment of Audio Visual Learning SystemRzazade, Rena
2010-03-29T11:25:58ZDevelopment of Audio Visual Learning SystemRzazade, Rena
2010-03-29T11:40:20ZDevelopment of Audio Visual Learning SystemRzazade, Rena
2010-03-29T11:18:33ZDevelopment of audio visual learning systemRzazade, Rena
2002Development of University Management Information systemsHuseynova, Khumar Mammad
2010-02-19Development of Web-Based Application for Distant Learning SystemGasimov, Jamil