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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Deepening Divide-
2016A Defence on the Prominence of Rational Actor Model within Foreign Policy AnalysisShahryarifar, Sadra
2007Değer Mühendisliği Açısından İşletmelerdeki Entellektüel Sermaye Unsurlarının AnaliziKurşunmaden, Fatih
1993DeğişimKafka, Frans
2010Democracy and Common Interests Across BordersRyder, John
2001" Demə, Səməd Vurğun gəldi gedərdi..."İsmayılova, Elza
2016Depositional cycles and Fe/Mn ratio in Upper Absheron substage succession in the western flank of the South Khazarian/Caspian depression of the Azerbaijan RepublicAmirov, Elnur
2013Depression and Hopelessness in Secondary and Higher Education StudentsŞar, Ali Haydar
2016The Determination of the Needs of the Families with a Mentally Handicapped Child According to Their MoodSanli, Esat; Barut, Yasar
2013Determinationof efficient regime of development in “NeftDashlari” and PalchigPilpilasi fieldsAhadov, Farhad
1998Deutschsprachige quellen zum schicksal der Deutschen in Aserbaidschan (in den 20 er und 30 er jahren)Auch, Eva-Maria
1998Deux Langues, Trois Pays, Pour Quelle Societe Plurielle?Fourniau, Vincent
2008-10-31Deve, Yoxsa Buraz?Balayev, Elirza
2010-07Developing Asia’s Recovery Gains Momentum-
2013Developing South Asia Lessons and Insights-
2008-06Developing the Local Supply Chain for the Contract of the Century-
2008The Developing World Is Poorer Than We Thought, But No Less Successful in the Fight against PovertyChen, Shaohua; Ravallion, Martin
2009The Developing World’s Bulging (but Vulnerable) “Middle Class”Ravallion, Martin
2012Development Effectiveness Brief Azerbaijan-
2013Development Effectiveness Review 2012 Report-